Mind flex: Super Bowl trivia

Whether you find yourself watching the Super Bowl for the halftime show or the commercials—or you enjoy the game itself—toss these questions at your party guests to see who knows the game of professional pigskin best.

1. What city hosted the coldest Super Bowl ever? 

A. Minneapolis 

B. New Orleans 

C. Pontiac 

D. Indianapolis 

2. How much did a ticket to the first Super Bowl cost? 

A. $6 

B. $10 

C. $12 

D. $15 

3. What team has the most Super Bowl appearances? 

A. Pittsburgh Steelers 

B. Atlanta Falcons 

C. Cincinnati Bengals 

D. New England Patriots 

4. What city has hosted the most Super Bowls? 

A. Miami 

B. New Orleans 

C. Los Angeles 

D. Houston 

5. What is the highest-scoring Super Bowl game? 

A. Tampa Bay vs. Oakland (XXXVII) 

B. San Francisco vs. San Diego (XXIX) 

C. Philadelphia vs. New England (LII) 

D. Washington vs. Denver (XXII) 

6. How much does the Lombardi Trophy weigh? 

A. 6 pounds 

B. 7 pounds 

C. 16 pounds 

D. 17 pounds 

7. Who has the most rushing yards in a Super Bowl? 

A. John Riggins 

B. Sony Michel 

C. Timmy Smith 

D. Marcus Allen 

8. Who won the first Super Bowl? 

A. Minnesota Vikings 

B. New York Jets 

C. Pittsburgh Steelers 

D. Green Bay Packers 

9. Who holds the record for most career fumbles in a Super Bowl? 

A. Tom Brady 

B. Roger Staubach 

C. Peyton Manning 

D. Matt Ryan

10. Who is the only player from a losing team to be awarded Super Bowl MVP? 

A. Jim Kelly 

B. Brett Favre 

C. Chuck Howley 

D. Darren Woodson


1-B (39ºF); 2-C; 3-D; 4-A; 5-B (49ers beat the Chargers, 49-26); 6-B; 7-C (204 rushing yards in Super Bowl XXII); 8-D; 9-B (Staubach fumbled five total times); 10-C (The Dallas Cowboys linebacker was named the MVP of Super Bowl V despite losing to the Baltimore Colts 16-13)

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