From the firm: Business basics for a better life

Now that mid-year is almost here, it’s time to evaluate the progress you’ve made toward your goals for 2022.

Many of us set out with good intentions at the beginning of the year only to get off track due to unforeseen challenges, distractions or just a natural change of priorities. If you feel that you’re on the right path for your business, that’s wonderful news! Be sure to check in on how your taxes and finances are faring, as well.

If you need tax planning assistance or are ready to outsource your back-office functions (see our article on strategic business outsourcing) to free up your valuable time, please contact our firm. We’ll be happy to help ensure you’re on track.

In addition to outsourcing tips, this issue is full of information to help you better manage your business, from creating and protecting your intellectual property to keeping control of your cash flow. These are the building blocks you need to grow your business and maximize revenue. 

Other key ingredients of business success? Self-care and organization. Learn some secrets to sleeping soundly to make sure you’re rested and refreshed, and be sure to check out our tips for cutting the kitchen clutter. Finally, enjoy our ice cream trivia for a little treat to make sure you’re savoring some of the sweetness life offers every now and then.

Wishing you continued success,

Your trusted advisors

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